At the heart of the Czech Eagle mountains come to the world tables and chairs made by already the fourth generation of the Kaplan family. We put our heart into care for wood and the very production. The lines which follow are interwoven with smell of forest, wood and love to craftsmanship. Welcome to our family workshop! You are going to be acquainted with traditional and modern techniques, we always use prior to delivery of our products to your home.

Cooperation with top designers together with very long tradition of production enable us to bring to the market the best solid wood tables and chairs.

1.     Oak wood we process comes partly from our own forests. From the first day we care for wood with love. When we care for our small oak seedlings, we know we started to work on a future solid wood oak table, which will be delivered to a customer around 2150.

1.      Further wood for our wooden oak and beech tables we buy from forests near to us in the Eastern part of the Czech Republic directly from their owners. These forests are managed in sustainable way and their wood holds FSC certification. Directly in forests we assess and sort every single tree. At that moment we already know, which product will be produced from each of them.

Firstly, the wood for your new dining table is forwarded from forest to a sawmill. There it will be cut into thicknesses and sizes, that we will use afterwards.

1.      We give our utmost care to material and its processing at all times. Therefore, we store sawn, up to 140 mm thick and up to 120 cm wide, planks and boards in covered warehouses. Free air circulation dries them out naturally. One or two years later we finalise drying process using condensation drying kilns. The very prescribed process is controlled by a computer. The heat we need for drying of wood comes from wood chips, which are waste materials from production process. Thanks to a precision work with raw material, your dining table and chairs will be entirely stable and will not come unglued.

1.      During production of chairs we shorten individual planks, then we trace curves along a template on each of them. At the same time, we pay attention to remove wood defects, which are unacceptable for our products, while endeavouring to maximise the use of this natural material.

We get first rough shapes on wood pieces, which come from cutting on a bandsaw. After this step it is easier for you to discern, what will emerge from each piece of wood.

Simpler final shapes come out of a copy milling machine. Precise and often complicated shapes designed by a designer are milled using 7-axis machining centre. From that moment on, you will be surely able to recognise your new wooden chair.

Individual pieces of chairs are waiting before assembly in air-conditioned warehouse. Thousands of machined pieces are stacked on dozens of pallets.

Our solid wood chairs of great design are highly stable thanks to the glued mortise-and-tenon joints we use in their whole construction. We glue all individual pieces carefully in precisely prepared joints.

Your new dining table or chairs become definitively reality once legs and aprons are joined together. We deliver all our products in one single piece and they cannot be disassembled. Therefore, they are very strong and will last you for a long time.

There is also another natural product, which goes through our hands during production. Our second favourite material is a quality natural hide. Upholstery for chairs, bar stools and benches is made solely in hands of our experienced upholsterers. And the only machine which is used during their production is a sewing machine. Every upholstered chair made of this natural material is unique and slightly different. That is the magic of our work and beauty and uniqueness of your chairs.

Surface finish with matte coating gives our extendable table excellent resistance. Natural oiled chairs and dining table will bring into your dining room the smell of wood. We do specific appearance and shade of wood stain for your furniture exactly to your order.

 Finished, packed chairs and extendable table will be delivered to you by a special freight forwarding company.

The second life of a 100-year-old oak tree is about to start now.

We have never produced two identical chairs and we are convinced, that therein lies the beauty of work with natural materials.

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