In the Eagle Mountains, we have been already producing extendable tables, chairs and other furniture for four generations. In the very production we combine our long-time experiences altogether with the latest technologies and learnings.

We take care of wood with love…

We take particular care of choice of material. Wood used in production of our tables, chairs and furniture is stocked in inside storage places. There, thanks to air movement, wood dries naturally. Afterwards, we dry wood to prescribed moisture in condensation dry kilns in order to ensure maximal stability of material used for furniture production for interior. This step prevents your furniture from cracking and twisting.

We shorten and cut boards in order to obtain basic shapes of precise parts of our furniture.

Individual parts of chairs and table legs are made by automatic copy router according to mould prepared by an architect.

High solidity of chairs and tables is ensured by milled links of a unique shape. Even thanks to use of these links we can offer to our customers a 10-year construction solidity guarantee of the most robust models of our chairs.

Each solid wood piece has to be shortened to final dimension very precisely.

Aprons of chairs after planing and milling placed on roller conveyor and ready for further processing.

Tenoning is fully automatic. Perfect precision of each piece can be ensured only thanks to it.

We cannot forget human hands, because only these are able to bring the surface to perfection when making final sanding.

Hundreds of prepared chair aprons and legs waiting for completion.

Each piece is thanks to use of wood unique. Therefore, it is very important to choose during completion wood parts for individual pieces of furniture, which go visually well together. Pre-assembly happens then in hydraulic presses.

Final colour and utility features are determined by surface finishing. Our pieces of furniture are delivered in tens wood stain versions, both as coated and as oiled.

Surface finishing cures before upholstery is placed, packaging and dispatching take place.

Finished products placed in air conditioned dispatching warehouse.