A solid wood dining table from us brings to your interior natural wood and award-winning contemporary design. Every table model is crafted extendable and fixed-size. We produce each extending table with perfectly matching continuous wood grain. Table size is made to order exactly according to your wish.

Natural wood is the best material for a premium dining table.

At Kaplan Furniture we produce non extendable and extendable tables of beech, oak and American walnut. Beech and oak are the hardest and most resistant. Solid beech dining table and oak dining table is a perfect heavy-duty table. American walnut boasts unique grain and colour. Tables made of beech and oak are crafted using wood from certified Czech forests which are sustainably managed. We produce solid walnut tables from the American walnut imported from North America.

Durable surface finish protects your table for many years.

All three wood species we use can be finished either with natural oil or highly resistant PUR-acrylic matte coating. Our beech tables and oak tables come in large palette of wood stain colours and RAL colours.

Solid dining table needs to have a quality construction.

At Kaplan Furniture we produce our tables using glued mortise-and-tenon joint. It means we connect legs and aprons directly in the production. You will not find any screws between legs and aprons in our tables. Once produced using this classical construction, your table will be highly resistant, strong and serve well for many generations.

Appropriate combination of materials is crucial for a modern interior.

Modern solid wood tables are often made of different materials. This is the reason why we offer you several options. In our portfolio you can find dining tables made entirely of wood, tables with tempered glass top or tables with a special nano table top. In some of our collections you will find also a table with metal base available in a variety of colours.

The right size of a new dining table is important for a comfortable dining and having enough space around the table.

We offer our tables in a very large choice of dimensions. You can choose the table width between 80 cm and 120 cm by five centimetres. Tables are available in many lengths from 80 cm to 240 cm by ten centimetres. Thanks to it your table will correspond exactly to your ideas or advice from your designer.

Extendable table from us does not mean abandoning design or comfort.

When you look at tables from Kaplan Furniture, you cannot see that they are expandable because extending leaves are cleverly hidden in the table. On top of that, unique extension mechanisms offer three possible extension lengths: by 50 cm, 50 cm + 50 cm or 100 cm. In two easy steps, you can extend the table with 50 cm + 50 cm extension. Thanks to their construction, our extending tables can bear more than 120 kg when extended. The largest table after extension can be 340 cm long and seat comfortably up to 14 guests.

Transportation and delivery.

We arrange delivery of our furniture in the whole EU. We deliver our tables always completely assembled.

Dining set with beautiful design will breathe fresh air into your dining room.

Each Kaplan Furniture’s collection consists of a table and chairs designed with the same features. Altogether, they create comprehensive dining sets representing individual collections. When you choose a table from one collection, in the section of chairs you can easily find the chair which fits the best into your interior. A table with expanding mechanism can be complemented by a bench which is also available in an extendable version.



Our newest table with unique design.


The table with an exceptional design and unique extension mechanism, where main and extra part of tabletop move to opposite directions so that two-piece extra leaf smoothly unfolds.


Table with airy construction, which does not appear to be extensible. The tabletop as well as the base (legs and aprons) is made of solid wood.


An extendible table for a big family. The 4-leg-and-apron base as well as the tabletop are solid wood. Therefore, the natural structure of wood can fully stand out.


The table for those who want simply the best. At first glance, you would not guess, that the table is extendible. Yet, it is the case. This feature is a valuable asset thereof.


Extendable table with natural wooden tabletop and metal table base with pearlescent reflection. Exceptional synchronised extension mechanism, where main and extra part of wooden tabletop extend to opposite directions simultaneously. After that the table unfolds easily thanks to the unique Linea folding mechanism.


Table with airy construction and white legs, which does not appear to be extensible. The tabletop as well as the table frame (legs and aprons) is made of solid wood.


Round table with tenon and glued construction made only of natural wood.


Solid wood extendible table with table top made of a unique nanotechnological material with matt surface.


A true embodiment of a unique union of glass and natural material - this extendible table has a tabletop made of tempered glass.


A modern round table available as extendible and also fixed-length. The cylindrical leg stands on a stainless base.

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