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Table Libra and Ancora chairs with upholstered seat. Oak - Natural, Coating. House, Zákamenné, Slovakia.

Good evening, we had been thinking about which table we would choose for our small family house for a long time. We decided to go to the furniture fair in Nitra for inspiration and before long it was all decided... At the outset, we were planning a solid wood table, three chairs, a bench under the window... When we weighed up the pros and cons, we decided on the final result (see the photo), which we are very satisfied with. We thank the whole company and hope it will serve us for a long time and we will be still listening praises from all guests on our beautiful dining set. "Quality that was worth the wait. ;-)"

The Bystričan Family, Zákamenné, Slovakia

Dining set Gatta and coffe table Gatta with shelf. Oak - Natural, Coating. House, Hradec Králové.

Good evening. We would like to thank you for delivery of the table, coffee table and chairs from Gatta collection we ordered. Furniture is beautiful and all people can lay their eyes on it. Thank you again.

The Baudyš Family, Hradec Králové

Libra extendable table, Arca Comfort chairs. Oak - Natural, Coating. Family house, Červená Voda.

Bespoke extendable Libra table and Comfort chairs upholstered in white easy-to-clean fabric are of high quality. We have had the furniture for more than year and everybody admires it. We recommend Kaplan nábytek to all, who search for high-end modern furniture.

David Halasz, Červená Voda

GATTA dining set with wholly wooden bench without backrest. Oak - Natural, Oil. Family house, Ilava district, Slovakia.

We are very grateful, your company was willing to meet our special demands regarding the bench. The furniture is truly beautiful. Thank you.

customer, Ilava district, Slovakia

Dining set Gatta. Oak - Natural, Oil. House, Prague.

... newly our most preferred place where we meet. Dear Kaplans, thank you for contributing with your beautiful handcrafted product to the comfort of our home. The Oberstein family

The Oberstein family, Prague

Extendable table Edita Cristallo, chairs Gatta wholly upholstered with handle. Oak - Mediterranean, Oil. House, Prague.

We are grateful to Mr Kaplan and all involved in the production process, that they were willing to stain the wood for our furniture in hue similar to our floor. We were pleasantly surprised at the very result and today we are rejoicing in sitting at the extendable table with our large family.

customers, Prague

Dining set Gatta. Oak - Natural, Oil. House, Prague.

Pořídili jsme si jídelní set Gatta. Stůl jsme si zamilovali již v prodejně, ale teprve tehdy, když dorazil ten náš, tak se dostavil ten pravý "wow" efekt. Stůl je jedním slovem nádherný. Každý detail je perfektně zpracovaný. Zvolené čalounění je příjemné na dotek a barvy vzájemně hezky ladí. Z estetického hlediska velmi oceňujeme, že v rozkládací variante není samotný mechanismus ani místo rozložení nikde patrné. Rozložení i složení stolu zvládne jedna osoba bez další pomoci. Samotné řešení prodloužení stolu je ukázkou bezvadně odvedené řemeslné práce. Židle, stejně jako stůl, působí lehkým, ale současně bytelným dojmem. Stůl ošetřeným olejem je velmi příjemný na dotyk, ale vyžaduje trošku více péče, než stůl s lakovaným povrchem. Společnost Kaplan nábytek dodává ucelenou řadu ošetřujících produktů, které údržbu velmi usnadňují. S klidným svědomím můžeme výrobky společnosti Kaplan nábytek doporučit všem a z vlastní zkušenosti si můžeme být jistí, že nebudou zklamaní.

Igor Gottwald, Prague

Libra extendable table, Arca chairs. Beech - Dark Walnut, Coating. House, Prague.

We are very satisfied with dining set (Libra table and Arca chairs) from the company Kaplan. The furniture is very well made. After a time, a very slight defect appeared due to constantly "working" wood which the company tackled promptly and flawlessly. We can only recommend their furniture and we believe it will serve us for many years. Thank you, one more time. :)

Karel Gottwald, Prague

LIBRA dining set with extendable table, extendable benches and Libra chairs. Oak - Nordic, Coating. House, Hliník nad Hronom.

Konečne máme pre našu početnú rodinu krásny veľký rozťahovací stôl podľa našich predstáv. Vaše rozťahovacie lavice sú veľmi šikovný vynález! Nikto by nám takýto komplet nevyrobil. Ďakujeme Vám a držíme Vašej firme palce.

customer, Hliník nad Hronom

Extendable table Gatta, Gatta chairs with handle and armchairs. Oak - Mediterranean, Coating. House, Zlín Region.

With my wife we had been looking for a dining room set for quite a long time. Our key requirement was that the table had to be extendable and shouldn’t take up a lot of space, when there were just two of us at home. But when our familly gets together, 12 persons should have a possibility to take a seat at the table. Eventually, we found a company "Kaplan nábytek" on the internet. Their extendable tables Gatta, which do not look like being so, and Gatta chairs, caught our eye. Before the very purchase we opted for a "try-out" in person. During negotiations at the production site we convinced ourselves, that we found what we had been searching for. When fully extended to 2.6 m in length, the table remains solid, rigid and does not wobble. What we saw and experienced at the Kaplan company can be summarised as follows: Full trust in the owners and quality, seriousness, professionality, trueness, everything done openly and frankly. For those who are in search of something in this fashion, we can only recommend.

Couple Magda and Milan, Zlín Region

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