How to choose the right dining table size?

Feb 9, 2022

Are you still wondering which size of the table will fit into your dining room? Read this article with our few tips and you will find out!

The dining table has been part of every household for centuries. It is a place of meetings, exuberant celebrations and big life decisions. High-quality design tables made of solid wood become members of the family for many years. Therefore, when choosing the type and size of the table, you should avoid unnecessary mistakes.


You certainly do not want to crowd your family for a good Sunday lunch. Therefore, for several decades there has been the standard of a minimum size of dining area of 60 x 40 cm. This recommendation resulted in a basic table size of 120 x 80 cm. In reality, this size may not be enough for comfortable dining for four people. It usually happens that one of the diners kicks someone else's leg while crossing their legs. Or diners have the feeling that they can see mutually into each other's plates, or worse, the cards. It is much more pleasant, when these situations do not occur. Therefore, we recommend starting with a table for four people ideally at 160 x 85 cm. There is already 80 cm of table length left for everyone, which is sufficient and comfortable even for a festive dinner or lunch. The width of 90 cm allows you to place a bottle of quality wine in the center of the table. When your friends stop by and you seat them at the head of the table, you will still feel comfortable.


Are you a larger family and there are usually six persons seated at the table? Think about a length of 180 or 200 cm. You can easily add three chairs to the side of the 180 cm long dining table. Are you the lady or master of the house and would you like to afford yourself comfortable chairs with armrests at the head of the table? Choose for example a table length of two meters. If you choose a width of at least 100 cm, you can also sit eight people at the table. You can also find more about suitable dimensions in the Before your purchase section.


Nowadays, manufacturers of high-quality solid wood tables offer a wide range of dimensions and various combinations of width and length. In our assortment you will find widths from 80 cm to 120 cm and lengths from 80 cm to 240 cm. A good piece of solid wood table from Kaplan furniture can be up to 3 meters long and 1.2 meter wide.


When you find your dream design dining table in the right size, do not forget to check if it will fit in your dining room or living room. Think of enough space for chairs around the table. The minimum dimension you need to count on for one chair next to the table is 60 cm, ideally 80 cm or one meter. A wall-to-wall table top will not bring you much joy in your everyday life.


Try carrying out a trial. Cut a rectangle out of cardboard in the size of the selected table. Place it on the floor and try how such a large table works in your home. Often this easy solution is better than relying on lessons learned and standards that do not know at all the specific situation in your dining room. Also, do not forget, that the new dining table you saw in the dealer's showroom may have a much sturdier appearance in your own home than you perceived it in the showroom. In the gallery you will find a few dimensional configurations and the optimal number of chairs for the given dimensions or also the necessary space around the table.


If you find out, that the size of the design table you have chosen is too large for everyday use, the table with a folding mechanism is the solution for you. Extendable tables from Kaplan furniture can be extended by up to one meter. With the appropriate length of the basic dimension, you can also add four dining places after extension.


If you are looking for a greater variability, there is a version of the folding table with a 50 + 50 cm mechanism. This allows the table to be extended by 50 cm. Then, when more guests than you expected gather at your birthday party, you ad dan additional 50 cm-long extra leaf and that’s it! However, if you do not have use or space for a one meter-long extension, choose an extendable table with a half-meter mechanism. It adds one fully fledged dining area on each side.


In our offer of design dining tables you can find both, the extendable tables 100 cm long with an extension to a total length of 150 cm, which are well suited for everyday dining for two people, as well as the tables 240 cm long with an extension to 340 cm, where you can celebrate a birthday in a great way, even if you are there with up to 14 persons around the table. On top of that, all of this is possible on only four table legs with a load capacity of the table in the middle of the table top of more than 100 kg.


If you are still not sure about the size of the table, write to one of the contacts and we will be happy to assist you!

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